Arrival! The Boy with Solar Hands! (来たぞッ! 太陽の手を持つ少年!, Kitazo!! Taiyou no Te wo Motsu Shounen!) is the 1st episode of Yakitate!! Japan. It aired on October 12, 2004.


Azuma Kazuma is an aspiring baker who has left his small town for Tokyo to fight for his dream of making bread that represents Japan. The story starts when Azuma is 5, living in the country with his grandfather, a rice farmer, and his sister. Although his family only eats rice, as they are rice farmers, Azuma's sister wishes to eat bread for once. Azuma's grandfather refuses, and Azuma has to make a bread that even his grandfather will eat. Little do they know, Azuma has the legendary "Solar Hands". These allow bread to ferment more quickly, and he is able to make a bread that his grandfather loves. 10 years later, he travels to Tokyo to compete in the Pantasia recruitment competition, to try to get accepted to Pantasia, the best bakery in Japan. The test uses a 10 point system, but Azuma immediately loses 5 points due to being late.

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