Burnt Black! Is This The Final Kurowa-San!? (黒コゲ! これが究極の黒輪さん!?, Kurokoge! Kore ga Kyuukyoku Kurowa-san!?) is the 3rd episode of Yakitate!! Japan. It aired on October 26, 2004.


The competition is down to four finalists - Azuma, Kawachi, Suwabara, and the girl who gave Azuma the hairband, whose name is Tsukino. Their challenge is to bake a croissant, except Azuma does not even know what a croissant is. Azuma and Kawachi agree to bake one together in secret even though it's against the rules. Azuma realizes that he has made a similar Japan, Japan 43. When Kawachi tells him that a standard croissant is 54 layers, Azuma says that this is too little, and that it should be 324 layers, which would be burnt to a crisp if baked. However, there is a secret behind the bread, and Kawachi reluctantly agrees to make it. It's the day of the finals, and Azuma is missing. But first, there is a surprise in store: Tsukino is the granddaughter of Pantasia's owner, and the owner of the Southern Tokyo Branch. Kawachi beats Suwabara with Azuma's croissant, but Azuma never shows up. It is revealed that Azuma dropped out because of Kawachi's siblings - Kawachi had earlier lied to Azuma, claiming that they were homeless. Kawachi, feeling guilty, gives up his employment at the Main Branch, but then both he and Azuma are hired by Tsukino and the Southern Tokyo Branch.