Reunion at the VIP Seat! Heaven Again! (VIP席で再開! ヘブン·アゲイン!, VIP seki de saikai!! Hebun agein!) is the 49th episode of Yakitate!! Japan. It aired on October 11, 2005, alongside Episode 48 as a 2-part special.


Pierrot's condition is starting to become critical and is revealed to be a holder of "Bombay blood", a rare bloodtype that cannot be transfused with any other type. A public announcement was made by the hospital for an emergency donation, which prompts the King of Monaco to rescue Pierrot, revealing he is another Bombay blood holder. As Kazuma and the others watch and wait, Kuroyanagi deduces what the King must have realized due to their "blood connection". Furthermore with Pharaoh's investigation, everybody soon realizes that Pierrot is the King's lost son and actual heir to the throne.

Pierrot and the King meet in heaven in the same cabaret from Episode 21. The King attempts to reunite with his long-lost son, but instead rebuffed as a drunken Pierrot constantly badmouths his parents for his abandonment. Meanwhile during the transfusion process, the King pulls out all the stops to save Pierrot's life (even smashing the transfusion pump switch so that it cannot be stopped). As the King's life starts to fade, he confesses to Pierrot that he is his son with all his embracement and tears before the angels finally take him away.

The next morning, Team Japan arrives at the royal palace hoping to comfort Pierrot's grief being hidden in a drunken party facade. Pierrot sobers up as he starts breaking down, being regretful from their previous conversation. \Azuma promises Pierrot that he can see his father again, by sending him to heaven with a new Japan.

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