Delicious! A Decisively Ultimate Butter! (美(う)メェ〜ッ! 決め手は究極のバター!, Umeeee!! Kimete ha kyuukyoku no bataa!) is the 5th episode of Yakitate!! Japan. It aired on November 9, 2004


With their job on the line, Azuma and Kawachi are attempting to create a dairyless delicious bread, without possible allergens ingredients like butter and milk. Azuma calls his sister, who suggests (and brings) the exact ingredient to help him stay at the store - goat's milk, which Azuma makes into butter. Kawachi uses oats in his bread, and the horse accepts it. However, when fed Azuma's bread, the horse strongly rejects it. Ken and Kawachi eat Azuma's bread, and find it to be delicious. As well, the goat's milk that Azuma used eliminates the main allergen in milk, making it a bread that fits the manager's request. Both Azuma and Kawachi keep their jobs.