It's the Main Store! Dancing Meister (本店だ! 踊るマイスター!, Honten da!! Odoru maisutaa!) is the 6th episode of Yakitate!! Japan. It aired on November 16, 2004


Azuma and Kawachi are wondering why the store doesn't get more customers when the main store has lines dragging on and on. When they ask Ken, he points out that the main branch of St. Pierre, a rival bakery, is across the street. Soon, they meet the manager, a very effeminate man (it is strongly insinuated that he is gay) named Mokoyama, who is about to release St. Pierre's new line of bread. However, Ken tells Mokoyama Azuma is a much better baker, and he challenges the St. Pierre branch to a duel: Azuma's newest Japan against his new line. St. Pierre accepts, but the main Pantasia branch knows nothing about the challenge, or Azuma's new Japan, and their entire reputation is resting on their newest employee - especially since the duel will be broadcast on television.

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