The Hashiguchi Yakuza is led by the father of both Kanmuri Shigeru and Masanobu Tsutsumi.

Due to his stepping down, this leads to Kanmuri and Masanobu's match in the Yakitate!! 25/Yakitate!! 9 Arc to find the next heir of the Hashiguchi Yakuza. The conditions were that the loser of the match would be the next heir to the Hashiguchi Yakuza.

A notable event that cause a change in the conditions is Ken Matsushiro's challenge to defend Kanmuri should a loss be eminent. Due to the match being declared a draw, Masanobu volunteered to become the next head, having given up being a cook due to drawing with Kanmuri whom he greatly envied and hated, having held a grudge that it was due to the birth of the genius Kanmuri that he and his mother had been thrown out of the house. In the midst of the match, Ken was decided to be the next head of the Hashiguchi Yakuza due to his strength, skill and qualities.

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