Kageto Kinoshita works in the bakery with the main characters. He is often overlooked and is a secondary character who keeps the bakery running, doing the fast majority of the work and receiving little credit for it. He has a mushroom-shaped head and haircut.

He was from a circus family and came to work at the bakery because of being in love with Tsukino. He has demonstrated the ability to create up to 9 copies of himself, though the limits of his cloning ability are not known.

He is also a master of copying other people's cooking styles, with over 95% accuracy. He copied Kanmuri 's dish so well that he had a yaoi-like dream about Ryo.

He has been working at the southern branch about 2 years. He competed in the last Cup tournament but flunked out during the preliminaries.

He writes to (or perhaps phones/e-mails) his mother a lot, telling her how his work is going at the bakery.

At the end of the manga he is promoted to manager of the Southern branch, as well as its only employee.

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