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Kai Suwabara is Kuroyanagi's understudy, a serious bread artisan. 


He is tall, muscular man with black spiky hair, covered by a bandana. He's got a face with very strong traits; small eyes, thin mouth. His skin is very slightly tanned and he uses the Pantasia uniform. He brings a katana in a wooden sheath and handle.


Kai is a samurai and ninja who is a master of the katana who claims to have left the swordsman path of destruction to follow the path of life-giving bread. Despite that, he often becomes very warrior-like and fearsome during baking competitions, which occasionally makes other characters wonder if he is truly focused on the 'life-giving' aspect of his bread.


Kai's master teaches his swordsmanship, and also provides sage advice and philosophy that gives him an insight into baking.

He was abandoned as a child when his father walked out on his family to perfect his own swordsmanship and never returned and was forced to take up a job at a bakery to pay the bills, which resulted in his competitive attitude and cold personality.

Kai's fiery battle aura is so powerful that it cracks the sidewalk and sends pedestrians scrambling.

Like Kyo, he has Solar Gauntlets and considers Kazuma a rival. He even enhances this by inventing the Solar Gauntlet Overcoat by dousing his hands in dry ice. He trains intensely (doing things like sitting under waterfalls, as we have seen Ken and Yoshi do.

On first appearances, he seems cold-hearted and tough, but in the Monaco Cup Finals, he falls in love with a rival German baker working for the American team, Monica Adenauer, and shows a more tender side of himself.

He has an unexplained fear of heights as shown in the parachuting into the Mexico arena. After he loses in the Newcomer's Battle, he understands that all techniques are actually "stolen" from all existing food, and thus began to "steal" techniques from other food, bakers, etc, to create his "Lu-pan" series of dishes.


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