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Azuma Kazuma (☀東 和馬-Azuma Kazuma) is a teenager whose dream's to create the ultimate Ja-pan. He is the male protagonist of the series.


He has brown eyes and hair. He uses a pink headband holding his messy hair, which was given by Tsukino. He wears the Pantasia worker outfit. His hair seems to have somewhat an antennae look in the front.


He is a very lively boy. Eternally optimistic and cheerful, he never gets upset from challenges faced in baking competitions, but rather from emotional tragedies, as shown with Kyousuke's and Ken's.

He gets his inspirations for his Ja-pan from random sources, like other Japanese foods and stories from his experienced but overly talkative grandfather, a rice farmer.

He is unexpectedly great at math, as seen when he solved a complicated math problem in his head in less than a minute that took Pierrot hours to conceive that was written out in the sand. He is also hinted to have a slight crush on Tsukino, and vice versa, but it is not stated explicitly in the series.

He is often naive and clueless of what's happening around him and refers things he doesn't know about as a funny statement.

As described by a Dhalsim formed of Kyosuke, Kazuma's heroic willpower is much stronger, as shown that Kazuma infuses this power into one of his completed breads be able to save everyone and the entire universe, such as:

  • manipulating time for someone who has a tragic life for losing their family like Pierrot lost his parents, to travel back in time to save the taster' parents via eating Kazuma's time bagel, thus creating a new timeline once they succeed
  • exorcist the victims of Demon King of Bread's will like Kuroyanagi and Yuichi from the infection from the Demon King of Bread
  • enhancing fellow heroes like Kyosuke to save the world twice
    • defeating the Demon King, once Kazuma's ultimate ancient wheat Japan bread separates Yuichi from the Demon King
    • saving the Earth from global warming by one of Kazuma's ultimate Japan breads that can transform the taster into a Dhalsim-like


Young Azuma

Kazuma has just finished baking Ja-pan#55 then he notices that no one is at his house to taste it. Inaho Azuma (Kazuma's older sister) arrives in time to take him to the bullet train station where the rest of their family are. Kazuma makes them taste it and they bid him farewell as he departs to Tokyo to be employed in a famous bakery. On the train, he reminisces the first time he started to bake bread and loved it. 10 years ago, his family has always loved eating rice, until Inaho wanted to try something new for a change where Kazuma simply brushes off by saying he loves rice. In return, Kazuma is forced by his sister to go to the local bakery called St. Pierre. They are greeted by the baker and his sister buys a dinner bread which she shoves into Kazuma's face and makes him instantly love bread. The baker teaches Kazuma how to make bread and his dream to make bread that surpasses rice in taste, Ja-pan. As Kazuma leaves, the baker notices that the Kazuma's bread's fermentation speed was faster than normal.. Kazuma makes toast for breakfast for his ojii-chan, but dislikes it due to bread not being compatible with nattou and miso soup. Kazuma asks help from the baker, and he suggests to put soy milk. As Kazuma continued to knead the bread, the baker deduces that he has Solar Hands. Kazuma's ojii-chan likes it because soymilk, nattou and miso soup all came from soybeans. He tells it to the baker who reveals to him he has Solar Hands and that he is moving to Tokyo to pursue his dream.


Pantasia Entrance Examination Arc

Japan No. 16 - Mt. Fuji Bread

Back at the present, Kazuma goes to Pantasia, but he is late and he is deducted five points reducing his score to half by Ryou Kuroyanagi. He is greeted by Kyousuke Kawachi who discusses how prestigious it is to win the Pantasia Employee Examination and notices Kazuma's Solar Hands. Two points is deducted again by Kuroyanagi for Kazuma's hair being messy. A teenage girl then gives him her headband to make it less messy. Part one of the E.E. is to make any kind of bread only using their hands to knead the dough. During the exam, Kyousuke tries out one of Kazuma's Ja-pan and is devastated to taste how good it is. Kyousuke then plans to sabotage Kazuma by "accidentally" stepping on his Ja-pan#56 dough. Kazuma then decides to bake a new bread, Ja-pan#16, a non-rising bread which is the shape of Mt. Fuji. Kuroyanagi then starts to judge the breads, and mentions Kai Suwabara's elastic Roggenbrot which he pounds a fist and still return to its original shape. He also deducts two points from Kazuma again for insulting Kuroyanagi's age. Kuroyanagi only eats the bread made by Kazuma, giving him a reaction and gives Kazuma two points. Only four are left and Kuroyanagi announces part two of the E.E. which is to make a croissant, which only Kazuma doesn't know how to make because all the breads he made are Ja-pan.

Japan No. 43 - 324 Layer Croissant Bread

Tsukino Azusagawa, the teenage girl who gave him the headband, offers to teach Kazuma how to make a croissant. He is kidnapped by Kawachi, who offers to team up with Azuma to beat Suwabara and teaches Azuma to make a croissant. Azuma refuses at first, but agrees when Kawachi makes up a fake sad story about how him and his siblings had to survive by themselves. Azuma notices that the croissant is similar to his Ja-pan#43 , and tells Kawachi to fold it in 324 layers. The next day, only Kawachi and Suwabaru showed up to the exam. Kawachi has made a burnt croissant, following Kazuma's advice. Tsukino arrives with her grandfather, the owner of Pantasia, and tells them that Azuma has pulled out of the competition, with Kawachi thinking that Tsukino has learned of their cheating and decided not to show. Not leaving without a fight, Kawachi finishes the croissant by breaking the ten burnt layers of the croissant. Suwabara tastes the croissant, concedes and Kawachi is the winner, but later concedes the job to Suwabara after learning that Kazuma decided to quit because of Kawachi's fake sad story. Tsukino decides to herself that she wants Azuma and Kawachi to work at the Southern Tokyo Store. Their first day at the Southern Tokyo Store doesn't go as planned, Azuma has been stuck in the freezer for hours while Kawachi keeps on sulking that he wasn't able to go to the Main Branch. Kageto Kinoshita helps Azuma from the freezer and introduces himself. Meanwhile, Tsukino comes in and tells everyone that they have to prove to the manager to be able to stay in the store by making French bread. Kawachi sees this as an opportunity to get into the Main Branch, and the two meet with the manager at the race tracks. It is seen the Ken Matsushiro is the manager and the occhan who has been throwing the bread to the horses.

Ken Matsushiro

The horse dislikes the bread they made, but Ken gives them another chance to make a delicious French bread that horses can eat. They return to the store and Tsukino tells the story of how Ken's sister almost died due to anaphylactic shock from the bread Ken made. Kawachi then formulates a plan to make delicious bread without using butter or milk, while Azuma cries about the story. He tells his sister to be careful, but her sister says not to worry because they only drink Hanako's milk. Azuma then tells Inaho to bring Hanako's milk. The next day Kawachi returns to Ken with Azuma only being a few minutes late. Kawachi's bread is eaten by the horse, but Azuma's bread is not. Azuma is in shock because all he thought of was to make a bread that doesn't cause allergic reactions by using goat's milk. Much to everyone's surprise, Ken passes both of them and welcomes them to the Southern Tokyo Branch.

Meister Kirisaki

Azuma and Kawachi are confused why there are only a few people coming to the store while so many people come to the main branch. They ask Ken and he drags them outside and points them to the St. Pierre Main Branch just across the street. Tsuyoshi Mokoyama, the manager of the main branch of St. Pierre, introduces himself and insults Ja-pan and the baker who gave the idea. This angers Azuma and Ken proposes they have a broadcasted competition on TV. Meanwhile, due to the advertisements posted by St. Pierre and Great Tokyo TV, the main branch confronts Ken with Meister Kirisaki himself, the manager of the Pantasia Main Branch. Meister Kirisaki greets Azuma and asks him the price of the leftover breads, which Azuma still doesn't know. At the day of the match, Ken discusses that they might fail due to the bread's fatal flaw. Mokoyama's sweetened bun is tested first and all three judges give him a 10-10-10. Azuma's Ja-pan#57 is now tested, and the judges have a reaction. However, Mokoyama notices the fatal flaw that it is still a leftover bread and it is disrespectful to the customers to make them eat leftovers. Meister Kirisaki arrives and asks them the price of their bread, which Mokoyama replies with only 190 yen. Azuma decides the price to be 0 yen, because it is still a leftover bread and it's only meant for them to know the taste of the store, giving him a 10-10-10 from the judges. The employees then celebrate, leaving Kinoshita to take care of the store.

Pantasia Newcomer's Battle Arc

Ken has received the draft notice for the Pantasia Newcomers Battle, in which the winner gets 1,000,000 yen, a year of studying bread in France and a position in the main store. The theme for the preliminaries is to make a dinner bread that will not grow mold for three weeks. Azuma decides to make Ja-pan#32, while Kawachi is tired of seeing Azuma succeeding and wants to use his own abilities to surpass him. Tsukino offers him a way to have Solar Hands too, which Kawachi accepts. They go to the Sports Club and Tsukino tells him to swim 10 km twice a day to improve his strength. During the middle of the training, he remembers his father who risked everything for his dreams and family, but only ended up dying before achieving his dream to be a baker. Although noble, Ken remarks that creating Solar Hands is not an easy feat, and that Kawachi needs to dedicate everything in creating the Solar Gauntlet, a weaker version of Solar Hands. After finishing the exercise, Tsukino promises to take care of Kawachi's training. Meanwhile, Azuma heads to Izu.

Japan No. 32 - Wasabi Dinner Bread

Kawachi learns of the Solar Gauntlet technique and Azuma arrives at a sushi shop at Miura, 30 miles from Tokyo and finds the ingredient needed to make Ja-pan #32 and makes a Wasabi Dinner Bread. Kawachi loses hope after seeing the reaction of Tsukino to the bread and Ken pours sake on him. He leaves and Azuma chases after him telling the story of whenever he has a wound, his ojii-chan would pour sake as an antiseptic which gives Kawachi an idea for the dinner bread. He makes a Sake Dinner Bread namely Osaka-pan #1. Ken arrives and Kawachi thanks him for everything he did for Kawachi.

Three weeks left until the Pantasia Newcomers Battle and Kawachi has gained enough muscle to create the Solar Gauntlets. Meanwhile, Suwabara Kai is training in the return of the two employees. Kawachi has been ignoring Azuma and Ken tells Azuma that Kawachi sees him as a rival, which Azuma accepts and decides to give it all he's got to win. At Gifu, Azuma and his other ojii-chan, Umasaburou Azuma creates a board made from petalite. At the store, the results says both of them passed the preliminaries, to which Ken congratulates Kawachi. At the first day of the finals, Azuma is still in Gifu and makes a bread for his ojii-chan. His sister arrives to pick him up and go to Tokyo, but is late again and Kuroyanagi deducts five points from him again. 

Kuroyanagi takes back the two-point deduction and explains that there are 58 candidates this year and they must partake on another set of preliminaries to become 32. Katsuo Umino, one of the eliminated contestants of the first preliminaries, begs Kuroyanagi to accept him. Kuroyanagi then orders him to eat his own moldy bread, and in turn he can join the other 58. He tries to eat his bread but is stopped by Azuma and Kuroyanagi lets him join the second preliminaries, with Ken blackmailing Ryou. The second preliminary is to create butter rolls within three hours. They are given eight kinds of butter (A-H) and they must only pick one to create the butter roll with. Azuma gives his secret weapon, the board to Tsukino and goes on to pick Butter C. Many other competitors choose C as well, because they remember Azuma was the person who competed with St. Pierre. Azuma finishes his butter roll first and waits for the others to finish. As soon as everyone finishes, Kuroyanagi passes the 16 participants, including Kawachi who picked B

Mizuno Azusagawa

utter G, the 13 participants, including Katsuo who picked Butter A and Suwabara Kai who did not compete in the second preliminaries. Azuma and the other 12 participants who chose C are disqualified because they chose margarine as their butter, much to everyone's shock. They blame Azuma for making them choose C, but Suwabara defends him and asks Kuroyanagi to taste Azuma's bread. Kuroyanagi has a reaction to Azuma's Vapor Action Butter Roll and passes him. Meanwhile, Tsukino notices Mizuno Azusagawa also passed, and Mizuno introduces herself to Azuma and Kawachi and reveals herself to be Tsukino's stepsister. After a few moves of Mizuno to Azuma, Tsukino slaps her but ends up slapping Azuma, then she runs away. Ken tells them that the three sisters are being made to compete each other in determining the next successor of Pantasia. With no one backing up Tsukino, the two participants are determined to win the Newcomers Battle in her name and reinforce her support. On the following day, Azuma is to battle Mizuno on the first round by making melon bread, though Ken warns him of Koala who is also working for Mizuno. They make a bet that if Azuma wins, Mizuno will call Tsukino her sister, but if Mizuno wins, Azuma must work for her. They decide too early because it's found out that Azuma doesn't know how to make melon bread, shocking everyone.

Japan No. 58 - Melon Sushi Bread

While figuring out a way to beat Mizuno, the sushi chef from Miura visits Azuma. They also try to solve the "incomplete portion" problem in melon breads. Meanwhile, the chef tries to lift their spirits by offering them free sushi. Azuma seems to have found a way and runs off, then Mizuno visits them while stealing Tsukino's salmon roe in exchange for a high-quality melon. The four tastes the melon and is shocked to taste how delicious it is. Azuma returns and asks Tsukino to "go out with him", but only ending up to buy a can of melon juice with her money to make Ja-pan#58. On the day of the first round, they start to battle with Mizuno using a high-grade melon and Azuma using two different ovens and melon juice. Kuroyanagi then proceeds to judge Azuma's melon bread seeing two breads and melon juice. Together, he combines them to make Melon Sushi Bread. Kuroyanagi has a reaction to his bread and announces him the winner, but Mizuno disagrees saying she wants him to taste her melon bread too. Kuroyanagi brushes her off saying he has already tasted their melon bread from the New Tokyo Branch. Azuma returns with Tsukino demanding Mizuno to fulfill her promise but Mizuno runs away.

Kawachi's battle is up and he is confident that he will win with his Solar Gauntlets against his opponent. Ken says that her opponent is Yuuko Motohashi and the possessor of Mother's Hands. In the end, Kawachi wins against Yuuko, and gets mad at Ken for making a bluff about her. Ken states that Kawachi was being overconfident about his abilities and letting his guard down is his worst enemy. Mizuno returns and calls Tsukino "onee-san" saying that she kept her promise but will still not treat Tsukino as her sister. Mizuno makes a bet with Tsukino that whoever loses when Azuma and Koala compete, their corresponding leader must also step down from the succession, which Tsukino agrees to. Meanwhile, Sachihoko introduces himself as Azuma's next opponent. Kuroyanagi announces the theme of the second round which is to make yakisoba, not the bread itself. Also, whoever makes the best yakisoba will receive 100,000 yen. Azuma reveals to the group that he has never made yakisoba before and Ken suggests they go to Ryuu Ryomen's noodle shop to teach them in making yakisoba. Kawachi is good at it, but Azuma is still having trouble. Then, Ryuu and Ken remember Sachihoko as a highly trained chef specializing in strong tasting foods, being considered the ultimate enemy for this theme.

Azuma and Kawachi are still training, and although Azuma has improved a little, it is not enough to defeat Sachihoko. On the day of the second round, Kawachi wins with his Hotdog yakisoba bread. Azuma starts to give up in making good

Japan No. 59 - Okonomiyaki Yakisoba Bread

noodles, and Kawachi crushes him with the french rolls. Ken, understanding the situation, also encourages him to get crushed like an okonomiyaki and Azuma gets the idea. The second match starts and Sachihoko makes a Kouchinmi yakisoba bread while Azuma makes an Ja-pan #59, an Okonomiyaki yakisoba bread. Kuroyanagi samples Sachihoko's bread first and has a reaction. He then tastes Azuma's bread and has another reaction and declares Azuma the winner. Sachihoko disagrees saying that he changed the bread but there wasn't a rule saying you can't change the bread. Sachihoko admits defeat saying he has lost his identity for his love of Nagoya. Kuroyanagi then announces the winner for the best yakisoba is Koala, surprising everyone. They notice that Koala's ability is much too skilled for a newcomer, and scares Azuma, Kawachi and even Suwabara. As Ryuu plans to steal the money and fight Koala, Ken and Ryuu notice that Koala is Mokoyama revealing that Mokoyama was fired by the owner of St. Pierre because of the incident with Azuma. Kuroyanagi then announces the

Japan No. 8 - Green Turtle Bread

them for the third round, which is animal bread. Ken reveals to everyone that Koala is capable of braiding twenty loops at a time, abling him to make a dragon animal bread. Azuma leaves with Tsukino to go shopping, while Ken tells the story of how Mokoyama went from a great artisan to a power-hungry man. Tsukino noticed everything they bought is green and Azuma tells her he will make Ja-pan#8 which will be baked in green. On the day of the quarterfinals, Azuma is late again because he is still missing an ingredient. Kuroyanagi also introduces a new judge, Dave Hashiguchi who is lifted by a bulldozer because of his fatness. They start the third round with Koala using his 20 loop braiding technique and Azuma using his green items and starch syrup. Koala finishes his Orange Dragon Bread and is given full points for presentation. A blackout occurs when the room is filled with green light from Azuma's Ja-pan #8 Green Turtle Bread. The lights return and they are amazed to see Azuma's bread. Azuma also receives full points for presentation. They start tasting Koala's bread which Dave screams 225 phon, a new record from 180 phon last year with Kuroyanagi having a reaction. They also eat Azuma's bread which Dave also scream 225 phon and Kuroyanagi having another reaction. The match ends with a tie, but Koala accepts defeat because he and everyone know that he is not a newcomer and thinking for the best interests of Pantasia. Tsukino also disregards the bet she made with Mizuno and attempts to make up with Mizuno, but Mizuno gets angry and fires Koala. Koala then reveals that if Pantasia is still having internal strife while they are competing with St. Pierre, then someday they will lose Pantasia to St. Pierre. Mizuno sincerely calls Tsukino "onee-chan" and is determined to beat them and St. Pierre. Mizuno chases after Koala and wants him to work for her again. Koala accepts while the gang watches. Kawachi is up against Katsuo in the quarterfinals, while Tsukino is out visiting a person. During the judging, Katsuo reveals himself to be 31 and married to a hot woman whom he only met for three months while working parttime. Kuroyanagi announces Kawachi as the winner without tasting it, due to Dave's reaction on the bread.

Tsukino with her mother and father

Kuroyanagi announces the four finalists of the Pantasia Newcomers Battle; Azuma Kazuma and Suwabara Kai from the A Block, and Kawachi Kyousuke and Kanmuri Shigeru from the B Block. The theme for the semi-finals is any bread of their choice. Kanmuri introduces himself to everyone, greets them happily and leaves. Meanwhile, Kanmuri is seen talking to a woman saying she wants them crushed. Azuma and Kawachi ask where Tsukino is and they head off with Ken to see her. Ken tells them that today is the fourth anniversary of her mother's death and they go to see her grave. They see the beautiful grave but Ken points out the real grave which is an old, withered tree. Ken tells them that after her funeral, Yukino, Tsukino's stepsister took her ashes and threw it at the tree, angering both of them. They give their respects to Tsukino's mother and Tsukino cries about how happy she is now that she is no longer lonely.  Ken and Tsukino reveals to Azuma and Kawachi that Kuroyanagi and Kanmuri both graduated from Harvard University, with Kanmuri graduating at a young age of 16. Ken theorizes the idea that Kanmuri,

Yukino Azusagawa

with the monetary backing of Yukino, can cultivate a yeast that would beat Kawachi. Meanwhile, Kanmuri hands over to Yukino Azusagawa a bottle of endo-proteases, organisms that digest proteins. Kawachi, starting to lose hope, is given hatsuga genmai yeast by the manager to help him. At the day of the semifinals, there are many people watching because of the appearance of Meister Kirisaki. Yukino introduces herself to the gang, and tries to apologize for what she did, though nobody believes her story. Kanmuri says to Kuroyanagi that he finally finished the Kaiyou yeast and they start the battle. Kawachi notices that Kanmuri has Solar Hands and that his dough is firming up even with the Solar Gauntlets. Kanmuri watches and realizes that Yukino has sabotaged Kawachi by putting endo-proteases in Kawachi's flour. Kawachi screams in disbelief. Kawachi realizes that it may be because of the temperature that his dough is not firming and asks increase the temperature of the room to 36 degrees. He continuously asks Kuroyanagi to increase the temperature to ferment the bread but it still isn't firming. They taste Kanmuri's bread first and both judges have a reaction with Dave standing and 300 phon. The audience takes it out on Kawachi for increasing the heat and tells him he should just forfeit. Azuma defends him but Kawachi passes out and loses the match. Meister Kirisaki calls for an investigation regarding Kawachi's dough. Kawachi suffered from light heat stroke but is alright, though Azuma sulks because of what happened to Kawachi. Suwabara confronts him to challenge him with all he has. Kawachi also comes and tells him to do everything for Tsukino and his own dreams, to make the best Ja-pan. Azuma reassures everyone telling he will make Ja-pan#44, the experimental, historical and supreme Japan. Tsukino hands over the petalite board she has been carrying throughout the competition and gives it to Azuma. Suwabara is then shocked to see

Kuroyanagi kissing Satsuki in heaven

the attitude and confidence of Azuma that he will win. He shows off his new Solar Gauntlet Overcoat, but Azuma says sorry that he  has not given his best throughout the competition and is determined to win. They both finish their breads and the judges taste Azuma's first. Haijima screams saying Dave has stood up then died and so did Kuroyanagi. Kuroyanagi and Dave and they see a cabaret club or stop-by heaven. They go in and Kuroyanagi remembers Cathy who resembles Satsuki, one of the cabaret workers. Satsuki loves him too, but cannot be together because Kuroyanagi is not yet dead. Satsuki cries and he hugs and kisses her until his body disappears. Kuroyanagi comes back to life and declares Azuma the winner. Suwabara disagrees and tells Kuroyanagi to taste his bread, but Kuroyanagi asks if his bread will also send him to heaven, then Suwabara accepts defeat. Everyone congratulates Azuma, even Yukino which Kawachi tells her to be prepared of Azuma's skill.  The championship battle of the Pantasia Newcomers Battle between Azuma and Kanmuri is

Yukino's evil side

coming up, and the theme again is to create any kind of bread. Meister Kirisaki asks for forgiveness for doubting Azuma and tells Kawachi that they found 10,000 times the usual amount of endo-proteases in Kawachi's dough, suspecting to be Yukino's doing. Kuroyanagi also announces the third place battle between Kawachi and Suwabara, and Ken tells Kawachi to visit a church that may help him win. When everyone leaves, Kanmuri confronts Yukino not to interfere with the finals, fearing it may risk their chances of winning. Azuma returns to pick up his petalite board he left but finds out isn't there. It is revealed that Yukino has taken the board and crushed it into fine sand giving it out to children.  Kawachi visits the church, has weird feelings about it and decides to leaves. Then, a nun passes by and leads him inside. She urges

Japan No. 60 dough's extensibility

him to confess his sins, which Kawachi reveals everything bad he has done to Azuma. The nun is outraged of what he has done, but decides to help him even though. Meanwhile, Azuma is over the loss of his board and decides to make a new Japan, Ja-pan#60. Meanwhile, Kanmuri finishes his new Kaiyou yeast RAS, which is resilient against salt. On the day of the finals, Yukino threatens to blow up Kanmuri's laboratory if he doesn't win, merely stating for insurance. They start the finals and Kanmuri makes pan au rustique using his new Kaiyou yeast RAS. Azuma is seen washing his dough with a large amount of water and the audience gets mad again. Kawachi shows up with an afro though nobody notices it's him at first. Azuma then makes a new dough, and Kanmuri is shocked to see that Azuma's dough is more extensible than his own dough.

Azuma wins the Pantasia Newcomers Battle

They both finish their breads and Meister Kirisaki proceeds to taste Kanmuri's bread first. He eats and a peacock feathers stick out from his mask representing 100 points. Meister Kirisaki then tastes Azuma's bread which cracks his mask and releases a real live peacock, Coo from it. While the peacock whimsically chases Kawachi, Ken tells of Meister Kirisaki's childhood working as street bread seller in France. Meister Kirisaki returns to his seat and announces that the winner of the 39th Pantasia Newcomers' Battle is Azuma Kazuma. Kanmuri and Yukino cannot accept this decision saying that although Azuma's dough is more extensible than his dough, he has used soisson flour to make his bread more delicious. Kuroyanagi explains that the reason Azuma's dough is extensible is because Azuma used Vital Gluten he made from the first dough. He also states that the strongest people are those who have the dream and passion to be able to overturn common sense. Tsukino, Kawachi and the rest of the audience celebrate Azuma's victory by tossing him in the air.

Yukino, as promised, blows up Kanmuri's research facility. Kawachi tells his experience of the church, that Father Andrew Graham has died and Sister Mako Graham will be the one to help him. She and Kawachi have a french bread battle and Kawachi loses. Mako explains that he lost because he keeps saying "What was that?" and that is always surprised by the actions of others. He then starts his afro training and tries to not be surprised by other things. Back at the finals, the third place battle starts and they both make French breads. Kawachi makes a Singing French Bread while Suwabara makes a Dancing French Bread. Kawachi puts a bucket of water in the oven to regulate steam, and many people, including Meister Kirisaki, mistakes it for a Crying French Bread. Kuroyanagi tastes Suwabara's bread first and reacts by dancing. Then, he tastes Kawachi's bread, remembers a memory, and starts to cry, making everyone believe it is a Crying French Bread. He declares the match a draw, and Suwabara acknowledges Kawachi's skill.

Kuroyanagi officially announces the winners of the 39th Pantasia Newcomers Battle, Kawachi and Suwabara in third place, Kanmuri in second place, and Azuma in first place. They hand out the prizes to everyone, but Kawachi only receives half the prize money intended, the right to work at the Main Branch and the 2000

Yuuichi Kirisaki, owner of St. Pierre

yen collector's card, while Suwabara receives the other half the prize money and the 3 months stay in France. Kanmuri offers his trip to France to Kawachi. Also, only Kawachi intends to work for the Main Branch, leaving Azuma behind and Kanmuri decides to work for the Southern Tokyo Branch instead and the competition officially ends. Meister Kirisaki and the owner of Pantasia debates about the successor of Pantasia, and still comes undecided. Yukino also escapes from the investigation of the semifinals. Ken reveals to everyone that the owner of St. Pierre, Yuuichi Kirisaki is actually the father of Meister Kirisaki. The next day, Azuma makes Ja-pan #2 and gives it to a kid who wanted Ja-pan #57 and inspires the kid not to give up making bread. Meanwhile, Yukino discusses to the owner of St. Pierre the start of the downfall of the Southern Tokyo Branch.

Monaco Cup Arc

Kanmuri is officially employed at the Southern Tokyo Branch, who reveals that Yukino is conspiring with Yuuichi Kirisaki , simply Kirisaki, and has bought over 40% of Pantasia's stock and that a takeover is only a matter of time. On the other hand, Kawachi has also officially been employed at the Main Branch. Kanmuri and the others devise a plan to increase their sales by creating a bread that has low calories, using nanshoukasei wheat flour. With the help of Azuma, they were able to sell their new diet bread to the high school girls and increase their sales. Kanmuri reveals to Ken his true intention is to send the Japanese representatives who are going to France and make them compete in the Monaco Cup to earn 10 billion yen, which Kawachi overhears. Kawachi returns to the store and Kanmuri exposes his plan and donates 10 million yen for the bet at the Monaco Cup. Tsukino still has doubts over the plan and Kanmuri offers until next week to think about their decision. Meanwhile, Kanmuri secretly speaks to Kawachi that he must pretend to be weak in order to increase the odds, stating that he will become the "Ten Billion Yen Clown", while Coo overhears.

Yukino hires three artisans who can copy any bread people make and they agree to crush the Southern Tokyo Branch due to the tragic events that Yukino made up, which is actually the events that happened to Kawachi, Kanmuri and Tsukino.

Japan No. 56 - Black Japan

Coo the peacock calls Meister Kirisaki who tells him that St. Pierre has hired the three artisans. Many people go to St. Pierre to buy the diet bread, believing the Southern Tokyo Branch's are fake. Azuma suggests to make Ja-pan#56, a healthy and delicious bread that uses rice bran, but since rice bran cannot be harvest at the moment, Kawachi offers his father's secret ingredient to a healthy bread. Azuma uses the black ingredient to make Black Japan, and lets the three artisans hired to taste their bread. With the help of the bread, the three bakers realize that Yukino did all the tragic things that happened to the Southern Tokyo Branch. The next day, the three artisans resigned and vandalized Yukino's room, while the Southern Branch starts selling their new Black Japan. Coo reports to Meister Kirisaki that they the Southern Branch has successfully overcome the problem, and the participants of the Monaco Cup head off. Azuma, Kawachi, Suwabara and Kuroyanagi departs for France but not before Kanmuri gives Kawachi a treasure box. When they are gone, Tsukino gives Kanmuri permission to use Pantasia's money to increase the bet for the Monaco Cup. Meanwhile, Coo is a stowaway and also goes to France with them, albeit to watch

Sophie Balzac Kirisaki

over the contestants. Meanwhile, a girl notices Coo and "accidentally" bumps Kawachi. The next day, they meet Sophie Balzac Kirisaki, the sister of Meister Kirisaki and the girl who stole Kawachi's wallet. She invites them to Gordon Blue and teaches them the differences in palate of the Japanese and Westerners. All three students agree to let Sophie teach her to overcome this and train for the Monaco Cup. Suwabara notices and asks Sophie why her store isn't flourishing despite the calibur of her skill. She leads them outside and shows Maison Kayser and the three go to the branch and meet Edward Kayser. Inside the branch, they meet Bob Kayser and Gran Kayser who offers them brioche. Ryou has a reaction and Sophie acknowledges the Kaysers' power, La Main De Deesse, simply Goddess's Hands. They show the flexibility of their fingers and Kawachi starts to lose hope, but Azuma and Suwabara shows off that they also have Goddess's Hands.

They continue their training under Sophie and have improved over the past month. While everyone was sleeping, Kawachi opens the box given by Kanmuri and sees a ringing cellphone. Kawachi answers the call and it's revealed to be Kanmuri who tells him to stick to the plan, with Kawachi reluctantly agreeing. The group arrives at Monaco and visits the Grand Casino. Kawachi tells them to make a "The Thinker" decorative bread for the exhibition, which may increase or decrease the teams' odds of sponsors betting at the Grand Casino. They finish the bread but Kawachi accidentally drops it and Suwabara suggests he commits seppuku, but Kawachi decides to take responsibility for himself. At the exhibition match, Pierrot Bolneze introduces himself as the host for the Monaco Cup. Kawachi covers himself in dough and becomes the new decorative bread for the exhibition as The Thinker. Ultimately, after the incident with Princess Anne and Kawachi's condition during the exhibition, the odds increased 300 to 1. After the event, Kawachi realizes the aftermath of what he's done and has lost two points at the start of the competition.

The Cup begins with a parade of the participating countries, with the Japanese representatives being booed for the incident in the exhibition.

Pierrot Clones

Pierrot explains that there are two preliminaries both with the perfect score of 5 and that 16 countries who have the highest scores will advance to the Finals Leagues. Pierrot explains for the first preliminaries, they are presented with an ingredient roulette and each member gets to roll out and receives whatever ingredient they land on, with the flour and yeast provided. All three representatives lands on eggs, which there are only two slots in the roulette and Azuma has an idea to use all the eggs without the need of salt or sugar, Ja-pan#21. Azuma asks Pierrot for a kind of flour and Pierrot threatens to hang him if he ever insults him again. They finish their bread and Pierrot starts judging all 135 countries by cloning himself. He then proceeds to taste Japan's bread, Castella Japan. He has a reaction by telling the story of how he was found abandoned in a circus. He grows up in Quedam Circus and the boss tells him that if he becomes a legendary clown, he might meet his true parents. They move to Japan and Pierrot learns his cloning to become a legendary clown. He then gives the Japanese full points, but due to the long story Pierrot tells, they fall asleep. At the second preliminaries, they are visited by Edward who makes a bet with the team that whoever has the fewer points in the second preliminaries must step down from the competition, with Edward only competing for France. Suwabara volunteers to make the bread by himself to prove to Azuma that he is also a skilled artisan. In the second preliminaries, they are presented with slot machines to win as many coins as they can get.

Lupan No. 3 - Pain d'epice Kai

Suwabara excels at the machine, but little does he know that the coins are actually ingredients they must use for only one bread and they must use all of it to be qualified, which shocks everyone since Suwabara has gained the largest amount of coins, totaling 296 coins.  Kuroyanagi suspects that information was leaked to the French representatives since they collected the fewest coins. Suwabara, alone makes his own Lu-pan#3, Pain d'epice. Almost every country finishes their bread, and Pierrot starts judging while Suwabara is still taking a lot of time making his bread. He gives the France team full points, giving them 10 points for the preliminaries. Suwabara finishes his bread, and upon tasting it Pierrot recalls another memory. This time it is about Kimura Megumi, whom he met in Japan and was forced to leave due to the circus going to Las Vegas. Before they parted, she gave Pierrot an Ebisu statuette to remember her by. Upon receiving the statuette, he exclaimed: "Why Ebisu?" (Nande Ebisu?). Pierrot gives the Japan Team full points also, totaling 8 points for the preliminaries.

France and Japan advance in the preliminaries. Meanwhile, the France team has become a three-tiered form and Azuma notices Sachihoko who is competing in the American team on behalf of St. Pierre. Meanwhile in Japan, Kirisaki has noticed that the Southern Tokyo Branch currently has zero capital and launches a 70% sale on all items on St. Pierre. The store demonstrates bread making outside using Kinoshita's clone technique in an attempt to lure in customers. Kanmuri is also amazed at Kinoshita for being able to copy anyone's bread above 95% accuracy. The first round is a speed contest and the first eight countries to finish a deliciously fermented bread advances to the next round. They only have 60 minutes to finish the bread and anymore than that will be an automatic disqualification. The owner of St. Pierre, Kirisaki heads off to Monaco.

With only 40 minutes remaining, Azuma returns with a microwave and plans to make Ja-pan#3, a bread made from the microwave. America is the first to finish, with the exception of England, using the Dragon Hook. France, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Korea and Denmark also finish their bread leaving only one slot left. Azuma finishes the bread and passes it to Kawachi who passes it to Suwabara racing to Pierrot. Pierrot starts to judge the bread, but is biased due to his hatred of microwaves. He tastes the bread and remembers the time his boss told him about a tragic incident of a woman who dries her cat in a microwave, but accidentally killing the cat. He still doesn't change his mind about the bread, but not until Sachihoko breaks in and tells him that the incident never happened. Pierrot, not knowing this, makes up an excuse and passes the Japanese representatives. 

Somewhere in the Grand Casino, Kirisaki visits Chairman Rame and tells him to crush the Japanese team, in turn the American team would forfeit to the French team. Kuroyanagi enters the representatives' room and tells them to get ready to travel to a deserted island. The participants travel with Pierrot on a plane and he explains the rules of the second round which is to make a sweet and delicious bread using only the ingredients found on the island in only a week, with the exception of flour. The Japanese team are isolated from the rest of the participants in a beach that disappears at high tide. They swim towards the center of the island but are separated due to the whirlpools.

Japan No. 9 - Taiyaki Japan

Suwabara was able to save Kawachi, but Azuma was nowhere to be found. Suwabara and Kawachi travel to the forest, leaving Azuma behind who is actually buried in a pile of sand close to them. Azuma wakes up and meets the Egyptian team. Kawachi and Suwabara head north in search for fruit, but is trapped by the fire started by the French team advised by the chairman. They are saved by the Egyptian team. but is too late in collecting the fruit as the fire has burned almost all of the forest. The Egyptian team reveals themselves to be the Monaco Secret Police who is investigating Rame and his interference in the Cup. The Japanese team finds a cave a makes their own sweet bread using potatoes found on the island and palm sap. They return to Pierrot and lets him taste Ja-pan#9. Pierrot remembers another memory his performance back in Paris which may be the day he meets his parents, but was unable to perform due to overpracticing and straining his body. Kid, who has been reappearing throughout the series, helps his body return to normal. He passes the Japanese team who has collapsed from extreme heat stroke. Somewhere on the island, Pharoah finds proof of Rame's crimes but is left behind.

Back at Monaco, after resting from heatstroke, the Japanese team learns through Pierrot that the management committee declared the last match null and void due to the "accident" caused by the fire and announces a rematch. Betrayed by Yukino, they have no choice but to proceed with the match. The rematch is going to be held at the San Agustin river in Mexico, and the participants need to make bread that goes well with fish. They also need to jump using a parachute since Rame says they need to hurry to finish the match. The Japanese team jumps off but Pierrot notices that they are far away from the other competitors. The instructors connived with Rame and drops them to a big hole, but with Suwabara unconscious, Pierrot also jumps in to save him and all four land safely in the hole. Stranded without proper equipment, they find a waterfall that may lead to the river but is 2–3 km long making it impossible to swim without oxygen. Starting to lose hope, Pierrot lifts everyone's spirit by saying he can swim 2–3 km without needing oxygen, provided as long as they make a proper bread. Pierrot reveals to himself that he is deadweight in water, and will most likely die. Due to the fish tasting bad, Azuma decides to make Ja-pan#22 which shocks Pierrot since he wanted to buy more time to plan another escape. While they prepare the bread, Pierrot creates a reaction related to his Kamaboko Japan and translates his reaction into a code. After eating the bread and struggling not to make a regular reaction, Pierrot screams out the code 104,877,443,673. Azuma easily figures out the code "Mamadoko" and tells everyone he is really good at math, surprising especially Pierrot. Despite all the excuses, Pierrot still cannot refuse to swim and so jumps deep into the water. After briefly hallucinating a scene where he continually makes "errors" while playing catch, Pierrot realizes in disbelief that Azuma's bread has given him gills (era) which allow him to swim all the way to the river and reach Sophie and Kuroyanagi. 

The Japanese team are rescued from the hole and meet a lion-headed man who is actually the 14th King of Monaco, Leon Hart XIV.

Leon Hart XIV - 14th King of Monaco

The Egyptian team report that Rame has caused all the incidents that happened during the second round of the games, and the King of Monaco states that Rame has disappeared. Nonetheless, they continue on with the competition with the King of Monaco handling the management himself. The next round is to make a sports bread that is good for the F1 racers at Monaco. Back at the Grand Casino, Azuma already has Ja-pan #51 but cannot do anything else to improve it. Kuroyanagi also reveals that every one of them must make their own breads and not rely on Azuma's Japan. Sophie arrives and tells them that they will be battling France and also reveals that Gran is very strong compared to any other baker since he doesn't speak or walk, enhancing his hands.  All three competitors head to the Monaco Royal Palace to find ingredients they can use for the battle. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Kuroyanagi and Pharoah about her heartless and cruel father who came one day to her and her brother when they were kids, and asked to whom would they give a bread they make first. Instead of giving the bread to the starving kids, Kirisaki told the answer was themselves, ate the bread in

Young Sophie's reaction to her father's actions

front of them and never saw them again. Meanwhile in the Monaco Royal Palace, the three meet the King of Monaco and all the ingredients you can ever find in the world. The King says they can have anything provided they answer the same question Kirisaki asked his children years ago. Azuma correctly answers the question by saying you first feed it to yourself, which surprises everyone, and Kirisaki who was listening in on the conversation. They return to the Grand Casino where they exchange stories after learning that the King asked the same question, and Pharoah reveals that the King and Kirisaki are actually friends years ago. Azuma lifts up everyone's spirit by saying as long as they make good bread, there's nothing to fear.  Azuma still hasn't found a way to improve his Ja-pan #51, but Suwabara tells him not to stop improving his bread. On the day of the battle, Azuma has an idea and goes to the Royal Palace.

Kayser Final Formation

The two members meet the Kaysers and Gran Kayser reveals that he is using his hands as feet to hold everyone, reinforcing his strength giving him Solar Hands Gigantous and also gaining Goddess' Hands Ultima. Without Azuma, the tournament starts with Kawachi using corn barnacles, Suwabara using snapping turtle blood and red wine, and Gran Kayser using pearl powder, blueberries and yogurt. With Azuma being late, Gran also says that Suwabara's bread has a fatal flaw, making the Japanese team lose hope. Everyone finishes their bread, and Azuma finally arrives with only 20 minutes remaining. Azuma already finished his black bread, but Pierrot cannot judge the bread since he can't prove that he made or even made it within the time limit. The King interrupts and vouches for Azuma's bread since it was partly his fault that he was late.

Japan No. 51 - Sports Bread "KAI"

Pierrot allows the bread to be judged and tastes Gran's bread first which causes him to shave Kawachi's head. Pierrot also reveals to everyone that Gran has also used Amacha hydrangeas. He then proceeds to taste Suwabara's bread, but doesn't want to eat it due to the fatal flaw that he used red wine which induces drunkenness and racers wouldn't want to eat anything with alcohol. Azuma raises his spirit by dedicating his Ja-pan #51 to Kai. Pierrot notices that the bread is made with eel and nori and eats the bread. He has a boring reaction and announces that the Japanese team has won. Gran tempers down the audience and notices that Azuma used black soybeans, but Pierrot also reveals a trick that he used silk powder to finish off the bread. The Kaysers leave and Azuma tells them to have another match soon. 

The team celebrates their victory over the French representatives, while Kuroyanagi tells them of the American team. He also states that Sachihoko's bread was only able to be 3rd place in the battle, and that a man named Shadow surpassed him with his Gopan. Kuroyanagi also reveals that the finals will be man-to-man battles with each match having the same value. The next day, the winner of the F1 race, Mikhail Schukapper, announces that he liked the Gopan bread more than the Japan, leading everyone to believe that Azuma has lost his spirit. It's been hours since the announcement and Azuma hasn't gone back home yet. He returns in the morning, telling everyone he was with Shadow last night and wanted to thank him for making Azuma work harder. Pierrot announces the theme will be clothing, food and shelter of bread, meaning to make a beautiful bread, a dinner bread and bread with the taste of their homeland respectively. Suwabara, Kawachi and Azuma choose clothing, food and shelter theme respectively. 

While the others are training, Sophie arrives with the matchups and Suwabara will fight Monica Adenauer in the first round, followed by Kawachi with Sachihoko and leaving Azuma with Shadow White.

Monica Adenauer

Suwabara resolves to fight her with his Lupan #1 Pane di oro Kai. Sophie fails to research about Shadow or Monica, to which Kuroyanagi is called by Kid who helps them in researching the enemy. Kuroyanagi reveals to the team that Monica is the champion of the 59th World Pastry Chef Competition, giving her exemptional skills in the clothing theme. Suwabara finishes his training and heads on to the battle the next day. On the day of the battle, Suwabara meets Monica who is half-naked and seduces him. Suwabara, in turn, rips his clothes to be also half-naked. They start the battle with Kai using 2 different doughs and Monica using 5 different doughs. Monica dreams of having a candy castle and will do whatever it takes to get it. Kai also uses shining fruits while Monica creates a candy sculpture of a rose.

Kai and Monica's relationship

They both finish their breads, but not before Suwabara cuts the outer layer of his bread revealing a golden crown. Pierrot tastes Suwabara's bread first and has a reaction of a box similar to Pandora's box being opened and  Chinese cabbages being released causing havoc to the room. Pierrot, as a burdock root, saves them by whipping the cabbages back to the box. Pierrot then tastes Monica's bread, which has blossomed due to the change in temperature and calls the police to arrest himself to prove his reaction. They go to the police station which Pierrot announces that Monica has won the competition. Suwabara accepts his defeat, congratulates her and notices her scarred hands which he sees as beautiful, to which Pierrot depicts as his sign of affection.  While Kai and Monica grow closer, Kawachi is having trouble focusing on his match and the pressure of losing the whole competition. With Kawachi still sulking, the Southern Tokyo Store employees visit him and Ken tells him that he also invited Kawachi's family for the match, only making him more scared for the match. Kanmuri gives him the small treasure chest which a scroll lies written "Kawachi Kyoutarou" which inspires him never to give up on his dreams. Kawachi promises to revolutionize the dinner bread for the sake of his later father's dream. He has trouble making his


bread and Ken secretly advises him on how to finish his bread using dattan soba. The competition starts with Kawachi using dattan sobayu instead of water, while Sachihoko uses the slow food technique to bake his bread in an open fire with binchoukan. Everybody notices and smells Sachihoko's bread, and Pierrot reveals he is sprinkling his bread with Kodaimai-miso. Sachihoko finishes his bread, Alexandria , and Pierrot and has a bunch of very elaborate reactions. Kawachi later finishes his Victory bread and Pierrot tastes it and remembers another memory from his past of his performance in Libya. Pierrot later bleeds and collapses, but declares Kawachi the winner. Kuroyanagi explains his strategy of using dattan sobayu, his V-shaped mold and the croissant dough with black pig lard.

Because of his reaction to Kawachi's bread, Pierrot is sent to the hospital and is in critical condition. He has Bombay blood type and the King of Monaco reveals to everyone that he has Bombay blood. Pierrot wakes up in the same cabaret bar Kuroyanagi visited back, and meets the King of Monaco. While talking, the King notices that Pierrot was the son he lost 23 years ago. Back at the hospital, the King then becomes in critical condition, due to excessive loss of blood, and the team confirms the truth with the Monaco Secret Police telling them about the tradition of the royal family. Pierrot, actually Prince Leol, was sent to a middle-class family to be raised from a baby, but was kidnapped by his foster parents who committed suicide after their escape failed. Back at the cabaret. the King reveals he is the father of Pierrot and later dies due to the loss of blood. Back at the real world, Pierrot is having a party for being the new king of Monaco. He stops the party and speaks to the Japanese representatives about his meeting with his father in heaven. Azuma tells him that he can still meet his father by making him an amazing bread.

Azuma decides to create Ja-pan #61, Cannabis Japan. Back at the Grand Casino, Kuroyanagi tells them that Shadow is a pantomime, and is probably miming and learning bread from the best baker in the world, Kirisaki. Somewhere in Monaco, Shadow and Kirisaki are training and Shadow tells the story of how he discovered pantomiming and how it eventually led to being uncontrollable. Kuroyanagi tells of Gopan, and how a terrifying bread it can be. Ken reassures Tsukino, in turn, reassures Kawachi that Azuma will win because he is thinking of making it for Pierrot. At the day of the match, many people visit only to meet Pierrot, dubbed as the Miracle Prince. Although Azuma reassures Pierrot that he will still meet his father, Pierrot cries because Shadow also promised him that he will meet his mother, motivating Azuma to beat Kirisaki. 


Solar Hands

Azuma first shown having Solar Hands

Since birth, Kazuma has the ability "Solar Hands", wherein the user has warm hands that maintain the ideal temperature for yeast germ fermentation. It is often mentioned whenever Kazuma meets a new foe and it helps in his Japan bread creations.


Azuma possesses genius-level intellect in terms of baking and math problems as shown in the series. In terms of baking, Azuma comes up with different kinds of bread without even knowing that his design was not original as proof of Japan #16 where the bread is called Nan or an Indian bread but the design is different from the original Nan bread but the essence is the same. Azuma is also shown to be good with numbers and puzzles when he solved Pierrot's puzzle with ease wherein Pierrot had to come up with it for about 2 hours.


  • The name Kazuma means "harmony, peace" (和) (kazu) and "horse" (馬) (ma).
  • Kazuma's surname Azuma means "east" (東).
  • Kazuma and Kenzaki Kazuma from Kamen Rider Blade are similar as they have the same real name.


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