Ken Matsushiro is the Manager of Pantasia's Southern Tokyo Branch and considered the best French-bread artisan in Japan.

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Ken working out in the gym with Tsukino to maintain his muscular physique.

Ken Matsushiro is the manager of Pantasia Southern Tokyo branch. A burly man with an afro and black sunglasses. Renowned as the best French-bread artisan in Japan, he seems to have a predilection with horses and betting on horse-racing. He is Kuroyanagi's former teacher, but early on recognized his outstanding talent as a food critic, and from that point on discouraged his baking, ultimately driving him away.

Eight years ago due to discovering his sister's allergy to dairy products, he makes all his bread without any milk or oils whatsoever (good enough for a horse as he puts it.).

He also likes to tease Kyousuke, to whom he was apparently very similar in his youth, occasionally to give him ideas on bread, but mostly just for the hell of it. He also can make Kyo hallucinate at times.

Due to a series of mishaps, he had become the next heir of the Hashiguchi yakuza, much to his displeasure. During the Yakitate!! Game Show Arc he claimed that Monica was pregnant with Kai's son to save him from committing seppuku after he lost to Kazuma.

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