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Mizuno Azusagawa is the next Representative Manager Candidate for the New Tokyo Branch which is under the Azusagawa Grand Hotels.


A competitor that Kazuma encounters during the beginner's tournament, during episodes 11-12. She works for Pantasia's New Tokyo Branch.


She is very affectionate towards him (calling him Kazuma-kun rather than -san), though this may be an attempt to bother Tsukino as she has apparently stolen employees from her before.

Kazuma thinks of Haruo/Mike Mizuno, star of Siberia Super Express, when he hears her name.

Mizuno is a bit of a tomboy and refers to herself as "boku".

It turns out that Mizuno is actually Tsukino's younger half-sister, and the full sister of Yukino. Mizuno bears a grudge towards Tsukino and Tsukino's mother for stealing their father away.


After she comes up against Kazuma in the tournament, they have a wager over the results. If he wins, she must respectfully call Tsukino her sister. If Mizuno wins, Kazuma must leave the south branch and come work for her.


After Kazuma wins, she introduces Koala, her pet/employee, who is much more skilled at baking than she is. A stipulation is added to this victory: whoever's employee loses must drop out of the race for the successor of Pantasia.


Kazuma and Koala end up tying, but Koala says that he considers a tie a loss and gives the victory to Kazuma. Mizuno is mad about this and fires Koala as a result.

Since it was a tie though, he entreats Kazuma and Tsukino to not punish his boss (Mizuno) for it. After Tsukino agrees, Mizuno calls her "onee-chan" and chases after Koala, as she regrets her decision. She finds him standing out in the rain and rehires him.

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