Monica Adenauer is a character introduced later in the series. Initially a silent member of the team representing America, she reveals she can speak and is quite energetic, but was holding back because she didn't want Shadow to copy her voice.


Ever since she was young, Monica loved the taste of sweets. She would constantly chew bubble gum and complain about food that wasn't sweet enough.

Monica's mother used to make bread for her all the time, since they were a poor family.

Monica initially hated this, but grew to enjoy it after the recipe was changed into a sweet bread.

She wants this because she is carrying on her father's dream to build a candy castle. This is very important to her. Monica's father was also a baker.

It is revealed that she is a pastry expert (pâtissière) and that Yuiichi Kirisaki promised to make her the manager of her own branch if she won.

She faces against Kai in the finals under the theme "Clothing", where bread is judged primarily on its appearance. She creates a sculpted candy flower to compete against his glazed fruit.

She dresses in a bikini (US-themed) in an attempt to unsettle Kai, but he meets her challenge by stripping down to his underpants as well. She defeated the latter who complimented her hands by saying they are beautiful despite the damage made upon baking.

Later, during Yakitate! 9/25, she fights alongside Suwabara  both dressed as ninjas on the side of St. Pierre against Azuma's Pantasia team. It is heavily implied at this point that they are lovers, as she came to Japan to be with him and later revealed by Ken Matsushiro to be pregnant with Kai's first son. Actually a lie on both her and Ken's part as Suwabara was about to commit Seppuku after having failed. Suwabara thought she was pregnant after "just hugging".


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