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Spencer Henry Hokou (スペンサ・ヘンリ・ホコウ, Supensa Henri Hokou) nicknamed Shachihoko (シァチホコ, Shachihoko) is an Italian-American working in Pantasia: Nagoya Branch then later transferred to St. Pierre: American Branch.

Shachihoko as he appears in episode 14, dressed in a Drasans baseball uniform.

He was offered a position at Mizuno's New Tokyo Branch, but declined due to his then obsessive Nagoya fetish. He faces Kazuma during the Pantasia newcomer's competition, though ultimately loses.


When he had moved to Japan he became very enthusiastic about local sports teams, particularly in baseball. His favorite team is the Drasans.

Aside from baking, he has also proven himself to also be an expert with yakisoba noodles. His "Kochinme Yakisoba-pan" became a huge hit at the Nagoya Pantasia branch.


He re-enters the story when he represents the American team during the Monaco Cup tournament. He can do this because he was offered a position on the St. Pierre American branch, which he took for a chance to face Kazuma again. He was introduced to the owner of St. Pierre by Yukino. Though at his peak of performance, his slow cooked, egyptian style Alexandria bread lost to Kawachi 's Victory dinner bread in the finals of the Monoco Cup tournament.

Shachihoko as he appears in the Monoco Cup tournament.

He appears again in the Yakitate 9 arc, though as a spectator and not a competitor.

In terms of personality, Shachihoko is a confident, extroverted man who enjoys the thrill of competition. He is highly enthusiastic about all that he does. He is also willing to make sacrafices for the sake of the team, as shown when he took the time to formally train Monica himself during the Monaco Cup despite the hinderance to his own performance.

Shachihoko as he appears in episode 63 as a spectator.

However, he has the tendency to focus on a single technique or way of thinking, which has proven to hinder him in competition. Shachihoko is also a bit of a poor sport, and often demands an explaination upon losing.