Shigeru Kanmuri is an extremely talented Pantasia baker, encountered first during the Pantasia Newcomers' Tournament and discovered to possess the Solar Hands as well.


Shigeru is the son of the head of the Yakuza family, Hashiguchi Family and an unknown mother. A Harvard graduate like Kuroyanagi, he looks up to him as a mentor, calling him 'Senpai' (which means Senior). He is considered as a "Harvard Junior Genius", having graduated the prestigious school at a very young age of sixteen.


Pantasia Newcomer's Battle Arc

Originally working for Tsukino's evil sister Yukino Azusagawa, Kanmuri defected to the Pantasia's Southern Tokyo store to work with Kazuma after Yukino blew up his research laboratory as a result of him losing to Kazuma. He remained to keep the store throughout the Monaco Cup, but rejoined the team for the Yakitate!! Game Show.

Recently revealed to be one out of the last two possible heirs to the Hashiguchi Company (the biggest Yakuza organization in Japan). Although he firmly states that he'd never join the Yakuza, problem sets as the other heir, Masanobu Tsutsumi, Shigeru's half-brother, shares the same sentiments. Tsutsumi is jealous at his half-brother for getting all the attention from their father, thus fueling his own determination to defeat the younger boy in a cooking/baking competition.

This problem is promptly settled with a one-on-one battle in Yakitate!!25/Yakitate!! 9 (refer to Episode 62).

He is probably named after a Shogakukan editor of the same name.

He is usually the voice of reason during any match of Kazuma's, explaining to everyone what exactly Kazuma's strategy is.

He is very feminine looking, with a beautiful face and shoulder-length, light pink hair. In a small omake in the manga, it was shown that when looked at close up, he looks exactly like Tsukino. In another omake, Tsukino commented on Kanmuri's long eyelashes. Kanmuri replied that his eyelashes were long, but ingrown and painful. Tsukino suggested that Kanmuri try out her eyelash curler and mascara, after which Kanmuri proclaimed, "This is great!" Kinoshita, however, thought, "I may vomit."

Hashiguchi Takashi's editor is also named Shigeru Kanmuri.

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