Ken discusses how he and Yoshi got the solar gauntlets.

Tsuyoshi Mokoyama is very fond of his old training partner Ken. The two worked together for a long time before Mokoyama left to work at St. Pierre. Mokoyama became the manager of the main store which is diagonally across the road from Pantasia southern branch where the heroes work.

Mokoyama later competes against Kazuma on television, where they both tie with perfect scores. This disgraces him, and he is fired by the owner of St. Pierre.

Mokoyama used to be a lot stronger, but his baking and physical abilities waned because after he was promoted, he had his subordinates do all the cooking while he relaxed and got massages and manicures. He seems to be very fond of his male co-workers.

Like Ken, he is incredibly muscular and has attained Solar Gauntlets via bodybuilding.

After losing to Kazuma and fired from St. Pierre, he was homeless and jobless until he was recruited by Mizuno for the New Tokyo Branch. He donned a Koala mask to conceal his identity.



Pantasia Entrance Examination Arc

When Kawachi asked why the Southern Branch is not selling well Ken introduced St. Pierre which is right next door. Tsuyoshi shows up and mocks Kazuma's Ja-pan because he hates puns. Ken taunts him and challenges him in a bread battle where both Tsuyoshi and Azuma battle their newest bread creation.

Pantasia Newcomer's Battle Arc]

Frustrated and depressed about the outcome between his battle with Kazuma, Mokoyama was forced to leave St. Pierre and lost track of his goal. He then later was found by Mizuno on a street, poor and homeless. Mizuno invites him on her house and eventually hired him as a baker in Pantasia New Tokyo branch. Then he joins with Mizuno in the Pantasia Newcomer's Battle, wearing a koala mask. This served as a chance for Mokoyama to start over again.

Yakitate!! Game Show Arc

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