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Umasaburou Azuma ( Grandpa Umasaburou) is a relative of Kazuma's who lives in Toki city. Kazuma is

Smoking a pipe when Kazuma arrives.

seen using a pick axe to mine for clay, which he fills a bag with.

He helps Kazuma make a fired product through the harvesting of special clay that contains a lot of petalite. It is a lithium feldspar which contains high levels of silica used for glazes. Of course, Kazuma tires of hearing about the science behind all of that.

He speaks about Kazuma's other grandfather Umatarou as if he were dead, saying he must be happy beneath the leaves and flowers. He's even made a gravestone for him. After Kazuma informs "sabu" that "ta" is still alive, he changes the kanji on the gravemarker to read his own name as a joke. Kazuma chastizes him saying that he shouldn't make it himself.

Sabu explains that he can't make "that" unless he has that level of dedication and preparedness, acceptance that people die.


He is first shown when Kazuma visited him in Toki City to help him make fired products



Later when Azuma's sister comes to pick him up, he is unable to wake up Sabu. Thanks to his help, he has what he needs to be strapped to his back to make Japan 44. He leaves while his sister is using the restroom, while Sabu's spirit watches him leave.

Being able to make something great before leaving the world made him very happy, though he is scarred by the 44th recipe. Apparently it tasted so good that it made him transcend into the next plane of death, so in a way, Azuma murdered his grandfather with taste.

He feels a bit irritated about making the tombstone read his name, which was intended as a joke.

He does however return back to earth as it's "not his time to die". We see him doing some farming, blushing happily, wishing to return to heaven to see the girls at the carabet again.

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