Umatarou Azuma is Kazuma and Inaho's grandfather. He initially prefers rice and is against a poor rice-farming family eating bread. His grandchildren's passion later convinces him it is worth eating after he has some toast that goes well with natto.

He has a very similar-looking relative named Umasaburou. It is possible they are twin brothers, in which case, the reason Ta's grandkids call Sabu grandfather is a term of affection.


He appears to be an old man as shown as to how beard and eyebrows are white commonly depicted for elderly people. He can be seen wearing button neck t-shirt that stretches up to his thighs and a scarf or clothing around his belly. He is mostly seen using a cane for support.


He is first shown to be stubborn it can be seen when he would still prefer rice over bread and will only believe that bread is better if given proof.

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